“Gems” of A Divinely Inspired Self-Made Millionaire

Presented by Angie Cella


“Gems” of A Divinely Inspired Self-Made Millionaire

Presented by Angie Cella
Author, Blinger: An Entrepreneur’s Faith-Based Journey

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  • Our faith is our biggest advantage in business and we will be rewarded for staying true to it
  • The care we take in our work – whether its’ our dream job or not – is crucial to being a good leader

Self-made millionaire and single Mom of four, Angie Cella is an inventor and entrepreneur with a big story to tell. In 2014 she had a dream about a product, she eventually named Blinger, which places pearls and crystals in the hair. Then, a few weeks later, in a second dream, God said to her, “I want you to make this product.” Determined to answer God’s call, she set out to make a prototype. What proceeded was years of failed attempts, one after the other, until finally, her fifth engineering firm in the fourth year, made a viable working model. But with no interest from investors, all of her savings spent and now in huge debt, she decided to sell hers and her children’s home to pay for the next step, manufacturing the product,. Since then, she has sold millions of units all over the world.

Angie is a testament to the belief that any dream is possible if you work hard and stay true to your faith.

Angie will share her story, inspire you to be bold in your work, teach you how to find your own God-given purpose and to understand how your faith is your biggest advantage, not just in life, but in business too. She will also share the nuts-and-bolts of how to take a product from an idea to being on-store shelves – and without having to sell your home!


Angie Cella

ANGIE CELLA is an inventor, entrepreneur, believer, writer, and Mom of four awesome children. She believes everyone has a God-given purpose, and discovering what that is, will bring about life-changing transformation, peace, and profound success.

GEMC2, LLC is headquartered in Avondale, Pennsylvania. It is comprised of Grace, Evan, Mom, Cambria, & Christian. All believers and very hard workers.

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