The U.S. Christian Chamber of Commerce provides resources, support, and advocacy for developing and established Christian Chambers and organizations in the U.S. made up of Christian business owners. We serve as the hub for Christian business leaders to connect and form strategic partnerships around the nation.

The U.S. Christian Chamber supports and advocates for Christian businesses and Christian Chambers through networking, professional development, advocacy, guidance, and conferences. We seek to infuse Christian culture into the business community through education, experience, advocacy, and exposure for Christian business owners and Christian Chambers around the nation.

We proclaim Jesus as Lord through all that we do in all chamber activities and business interactions. (John 14:6)

We encourage Christian business owners to view business ownership as a ministry and use their unique gifts to serve God. (1 Peter 4:10)

We serve as a forum for discussing the challenges and triumphs of being a Christian in business. (Matthew 5:14)

The U.S. Christian Chamber is an excellent resource for strengthening your brand, building relationships, and engaging with members.

We create Kingdom commerce by doing business with one another, sending referrals, and supporting one another through prayer, community and conferences.

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Non Profit