Rehumanizing Your Workforce

Presented by Krystal Parker

President, U.S. & Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce


Rehumanizing Your Workforce

The Competitive Power of People, Processes, and Parables

Presented by: Krystal Parker
President, U.S. & Central Florida Christian Chambers of Commerce

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You’ve probably heard people refer to their company manual as the operations bible, the employee bible, or something similar. Organizations that call their holy grail for operations the company bible have one thing right: The Holy Bible is the operating manual for all things. The Holy Bible is the instruction manual for lifeā€”all of it, including business.

Krystal will share solid business principles based on Biblical lessons from her book, The Best Robot Wins; It Ain’t Personal, It’s Just Business. Individual contributors and leaders, this session will provide a new way to enhance your business and maximize the value of human capital through a Biblical lens.

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Attract, develop and retain top talent
  • Streamline processes and systems to unlock the innovative power of people


Krystal Parker

Krystal Parker is a former executive for a Fortune 200 publicly traded oil and gas company. She has over 25 years of experience in organizational management, leading hundreds of union & non-union employees to provide J.D. Powers, award-winning customer service to more than 2.1 million customers across the U.S. A former college dropout, Parker advanced her education at Harvard Business School for senior executive leaders focusing on innovation, globalization, and leadership diversity. She earned an undergrad in psychology and a master’s in marketing. Krystal is the author of a book series titled, The Best Robot Wins, It Ain’t Personal, It’s Just Business. As a certified DISC behavioral specialist, trainer, speaker, and coach, Parker opened a boutique consulting company, Intent & Impact, to help companies increase profit, reduce turnover, and enhance employee engagement. Krystal is a professor teaching graduate and undergraduate level courses. She is also the president of the United States & Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce. With a big vision and a heart to serve, Krystal loves to say, “business is MY sport!”

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