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Marketplace Chaplains is the largest and longest continuing provider of workplace chaplains to corporate America today.

Since 1984, Marketplace Chaplains has been serving small-private to large-public companies with a personalized and proactive Employee Care Service delivered by male, female and ethnically diverse Chaplain Care Teams and which is available 24/7/365. We have the lowest Chaplain to Employee ratio with 1 Chaplain per 133 Employees. This allows greater depth of relationships making our service more proactive and not just crisis response. Marketplace’s 1,574 Chaplains now serve over 785,000 employees and family members at 859 client companies in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.K. Our experienced and trained professional workplace chaplains make over 15,000 work-site visits per month to extend, enhance and broaden the level of care, concern and compassion client company leaders and HR professionals have for their people. Voted the #1 benefit by many employees, Marketplace’s client companies regularly see increased attendance, productivity, teamwork, safety and retention as an environment of care valuing the individual is expressed in a tangible way.


Employee Care Service


Personalized, brief, regularly scheduled visits during strategic times, provide visibility, immediate access and relationship building without interfering with work.


The result of the proactive worksite visits are extended conversations with employees away from work, at a coffee shop, a home, a restaurant, or in response to a need at a hospital, senior living community, funeral home or a jail.


Our exclusive MyChap App, proactive emails, newsletters, texts and phone calls are some of the ways remote, mobile, offsite, working from home employees and over-the-road drivers receive care.


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