Braving the edge of chaos

Presented by Martijn van Tilborgh


Braving the edge of chaos: Why innovation is our only option.

Presented by Martijn van Tilborgh

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Most leaders agree with the concept of innovation. However, true innovation isn’t easy. We often pretend to innovate while in reality we are merely adapting to new circumstances or optimizing within an existing structure. While adaptation and optimization may create the illusion of innovation, we need to understand the difference in order to be effective as leaders.

Innovation happens at the edge of chaos!

It happens where developed land stops and undeveloped land— chaos—starts. It only happens where chaos is cultivated into new opportunities that will advance the Kingdom into places it couldn’t get to before.

The very definition of innovation is “the introduction of something new.” The “new” will inevitably disrupt the status quo and ultimately find a pathway to turn chaos into cultivated land where its environment will flourish.


  • Why innovation is our only option
  • The difference between adaptation, optimization and innovation
  • How to gain new perspectives and different paradigms


Martijn van Tilborgh

MARTIJN VAN TILBORGH is a strategic-marketing architect and a consultant for numerous large organizations and influencers. He is also a minister, author and speaker as well as a serial entrepreneur. Martijn’s passion to innovate and see God’s plan unfold in people’s lives inspired him to create several successful companies including Four Rivers Media, Kudu Publishing, Dream Releaser Enterprises, AVAIL and The Inspire Collective. Martijn currently serves as the chairman on the board of the US Christian Chamber of Commerce.

Four Rivers Media Bio

A faith-based marketing and media company that specializes in helping influencers broaden their reach and deepen their impact through innovative communication strategies.

We partner with them to multiply their effectiveness and generate revenues through a wide range of services—including online content, social media, publishing, strategic marketing campaigns and live events.

Founded in 2008 by Martijn and Amy van Tilborgh, Four Rivers Media is headquartered in Sanford, Florida, with a diverse staff of almost 40 specialists across seven states and overseas.


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