Keys To Personal Revitalization

Presented by Pete Folch
Founder-President of Second Wind-Finish Strong, Inc


Keys To Personal Revitalization

Presented by Pete Folch
Founder-President of Second Wind-Finish Strong, Inc


  • For every participant to learn and effectively be able to apply all 10 Personal Revitalization elements to their life and experience a tangible positive difference.
  • For every participant to clearly understand the connection of personal revitalization skills and positive impact on personal and professional performance resulting in elevated commitment and growth.
  • For every participant to be able to confidently apply all all of these personal revitalization elements resulting in elevated positive leadership and influence on others.

To revitalize means to put “new life and energy” back into something.

Over the years, Pete has helped a diversity of teams and organizations revitalize their culture and spirit!…including leading the revitalization for 55,000+ team members and leaders in the US and Canada for Olive Garden! Pete has directly trained and coached over 7000 leaders on subject revitalization and team engagement.

From that experience, Pete will share 10 powerful practical elements in a content rich one hour session that will have immediate impact for personal revitalization. When Pete presented Keys to Personal Revitalization a few years ago at a banquet in South Florida, the banquet staff working the event, reported that the presentation had an amazing immediate energizing impact it had on them as they were serving the audience!

The reality is we all work hard and we get tired. For the great majority of us, what we do takes physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy and spiritual energy. It is important that we have some good behaviors, practices and/or disciplines in place to help us rebound, to help us renew our energy and strength…to revitalize and help you be your best. You will receive all 10 breakthrough elemen

ts, which can be applied right away and can transform your life! For such a time as this, we need the inspiration and very practical Keys to Personal Revitalization!


Pete Folch

Who is Pete Folch:
– Professional keynote speaker, leadership coach & Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer
– Co-author of 2 books: “Ziglar Legacy: 1st Class All The Way” & “Living Beyond Purpose”
– 34 years experience in restaurant hospitality/food service, including 21+ years with Darden Restaurants
– Married 32+ years, Pete and his beautiful wife have two outstanding young adult children and a wonderful son-in-law.
– Expertise in design, development and delivery of management training and leadership development
– Greatest career accomplishment: Revitalizing team energy and transforming culture for 55,000+ employees in over 400 restaurants in the U.S. & Canada …Darden Brilliance Award Winner!
– 100K Ultra-Marathoner ….Coached & trained 46 runners to complete their first half or full marathon
– As a contract trainer (2016 and 2017) after presenting 270+ seminars and corporate events, earned national top ten finalist in highest customer satisfaction.
– Long history of helping teams in corporate training roles and as a consultant with achieving record high guest – satisfaction……Dedicated “hands-on” servant leader
– Featured guest on radio and podasts
– International experience having conducted live & online training for participants in US, Canada, Italy, France & India
– Served as the enthusiastic PA announcer for the Florida Flight semi-pro team …and has even called games at the Orlando Amway Center (Home of the NBA’s Orlando Magic).
– Currently creates and produces a weekly broadcast called, “Second Wind Radio!”
– Pete will unleash potential, spur new energy, and ultimately “redefine the possible” with your team!


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