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Delivering the Word of God in audio format to unreached people groups.

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World Mission delivers the Word of God in audio format The Treasure to oral learners living in unreached people groups.

Who We Reach
Jesus told us to go and make disciples of all nations, but today 40% of all the people groups or nations in the world remain unreached. These unreached people are our priority. We also know where these people live; a geographic area in the Eastern Hemisphere commonly known as the 10/40 Window that holds 2/3 of the world’s population.

World Mission prioritizes these nations that are referred to as unreached people groups. Amazingly, 6,685 of all nations are considered “unreached”, yet they receive less than 1% of all the funding that is given to missions. And studies show that up to 70% of these people are oral learners, meaning that they are either illiterate or they prefer to learn orally. That indicates that even if they did have a written Bible in their language, they would be unable to read it.


Reaching the Unreached

Every day, 66,000 people from unreached people groups die having never heard the Word of God. Today, 40% of all the people groups, or nations, in the world remain unreached. World Mission seeks to fulfill the Great Commission by providing the Word of God in an audio format to oral learners living in unreached people groups.

We define the unreached as a people group among which there is no indigenous community of Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize without outside assistance. Following the Holy Spirit’s lead, our ultimate objective is to see these lost souls come to Christ and begin an indigenous church-planting movement.

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