Uncommon Alliances, From Competition to Collaboration for Kingdom Advancement

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Conventional wisdom tells us that there’s only room enough at the top for one—one person, one company, one winner. That’s a scarcity mindset that isn’t true in the world of…

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Conventional wisdom tells us that there’s only room enough at the top for one—one person, one company, one winner. That’s a scarcity mindset that isn’t true in the world of Kingdom commerce.

Believers who know how to navigate the cutthroat business world while maintaining their Biblical values and principles have learned two important lessons:

  1. There is plenty of room at the top.
  2. Abundant success can be found in coopetition through uncommon alliances.

I saw this play out in the Christian Chamber of Commerce. When a large commercial construction company decided to diversify and expand into the roofing market, another member—a seasoned professional in the roofing business—extended a hand of friendship and support.

The two companies forged an uncommon alliance founded in Kingdom values. The roofing veteran took the construction company’s leaders to lunch, offering guidance, knowledge, and support.

The two entities worked together for nearly a year, forming a partnership built on trust and shared aspirations. It was a journey of mutual growth, with each company contributing its strengths and resources.

During that time, it became evident that the commercial construction company’s foray into roofing was not a good fit. As it exited the roofing market, its leaders gave all the marketing, leads, and potential customers they had developed to their seasoned roofing business ally. The commercial construction company returned to its passion for large-scale projects while the roofing business thrived.

Another excellent example of an uncommon alliance plays out in the Bible with David and Jonathan. David, a young shepherd, and Jonathan, the son and heir of King Saul, formed a deep friendship despite challenging circumstances. Jonathan recognized David’s destiny as the future king. Instead of competing for the throne, he supported and protected David, even when his father became David’s adversary.

Like Jonathan, believers in the marketplace can look beyond immediate competition and seek opportunities to build meaningful alliances that transcend traditional rivalries.

Forming uncommon alliances and embracing opportunities for coopetition begins with a shift in mindset. Success doesn’t always come from crushing the competition; sometimes it comes from working together to achieve mutual goals.

Apple and Samsung are two smartphone giants that compete fiercely in the consumer market. However, Samsung manufactures some components for Apple’s devices, such as display panels and chips.

Even as they compete for retail buyers, Toyota and Subaru have collaborated on various projects to develop hybrid technology and sports cars. For example, they jointly developed the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ sports cars.

Star Alliance is a global airline alliance with members like United Airlines, Lufthansa, and Air Canada. While these airlines compete for passengers, they cooperate by sharing routes, offering joint marketing initiatives, and allowing passengers to earn and redeem frequent flyer miles across member airlines.

Imagine how much more influential we as Kingdom leaders can be when we stand together.

Our uncommon alliances will be the cornerstone of a future where Kingdom values and advancement are woven into the fabric of our economic endeavors.

If you’re ready to try it, these guidelines will pave the way:

  • Maintain integrity: Like David and Jonathan, prioritize integrity and faithfulness in all your dealings. Uphold your values even in the face of competition.
  • Look for shared goals: Identify areas where you can collaborate with competitors to achieve common objectives, whether it’s through joint ventures, partnerships, or shared resources.
  • Innovate through coopetition: Coopetition can lead to innovation and growth. Seek ways to combine strengths with competitors to deliver better products or services.
  • Support and encourage: Just as Jonathan supported David, believers should uplift and encourage one another in the marketplace. Be a source of strength and inspiration to your peers.

The call to take back the mountain of economics for Kingdom advancement is resounding in the marketplace, yet one company or organization can’t do it alone. We must rise above rivalry and competition, just as the construction company and the roofing business did. In these alliances, we find strength, wisdom and the ability to impact the marketplace for the greater good.

The U.S. Christian Chamber of Commerce pursues uncommon alliances—partnerships that transcend the conventional, driven by a shared mission to advance the Kingdom within economics. Join us and participate in something more significant for our nation—a movement where collaboration, faith, and Kingdom principles become culture’s consciousness.

In unity, we will not only navigate the competitive terrain, we will transform it, bringing about a marketplace where faith and business intertwine to uplift all who participate. Together, we can make this vision a reality, advancing the Kingdom one uncommon alliance at a time.

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